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Price Tags for Bakeries

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Bakery display price tags

When you work with food, you know how important it is to make sure your hygiene practices are of top standard in all facets of your business.

Price signs are an important aspect of food hygiene. If you handwrite your product tags, there’s a possibility of transferring germs that could reach your produce, and pen smudges may contaminate your food. Laminating your price signs is an option, but they don’t last long before they start peeling, and then it ruins the hard work you’ve put into your bakery display counter design.

That leads to you starting the whole process over again, and it’s far too time-consuming.

We have a solution for that – plastic printable bakery price tags.

Our price sign printers are designed to print high quality, hygienic price tags. They’re made of food-safe plastic and are a cost-effective solution to using paper or laminated price signs to display alongside your produce.

You can easily print all the information your customers need on the front, including ingredients, allergens, and much more, and utilise the space on the reverse of your price cards by printing information that your staff may need to answer any customer questions.

Along with saving you time in the long run, price display signs also improve the visual appeal of your counter. You’ll no longer have to waste precious time writing each price tag out by hand, and you can print another tag on demand whenever you need a replacement.

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Edikio Access printer for bakeries

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The Edikio Access bundle comes with everything you need to start designing and printing hygienic plastic price cards. You’ll get a price sign printer and a dye ribbon, plus 100 standard-sized plastic cards to print your information onto. You’ll also get the software, which makes the design of your cards simple.

Worried that you won’t fit everything on a standard card? The Edikio Flex price card printer can print on extended formats alongside standard ones, so you can swap them depending on your needs.

With the Edikio Flex bundle, you’ll receive the printer, a dye ribbon, Edikio’s great price sign design software, and 100 standard 86x54mm plastic cards along with 100 long 50x150mm plastic cards.

Bundle includes:

edikio software for price tags

Edikio Price Tag Software

Black PVC cards

x100 food-safe PVC cards 

Edikio monochrome white ribbon

x1 white printer ribbon

Looking to spread the cost of a printer? Get in touch to find out more.


Edikio’s price tag design software is great for making your counter display pop, but it can also double up as a bakery information system.

The software can be used to create product lists and allows you to organise each product into sub-categories and categories. That means that when each seasonal period rolls around again, you won’t have to struggle to remember last year’s prices. All you need to do is find the price ticket you designed for that product and send it to your printer.

You can also design your own cards to fit with your counter display. Include important information that customers need, such as ingredients and allergens, to reduce customer queries and improve the overall shopping experience. This will result in an increase in sales in the long term.

The Edikio software can alter the size of the text on your cards however you need, so you can make sure your price tags can be read from a distance.

Edikio price tag software screenshot

Want to find out more?

Edikio Access printer for bakeries

It’s time to transform your counter.

Spend less time producing your price signs and more time doing business. A great looking food counter will improve your customers’ experience and make them more likely to return to your shop again.


or, if you’d like more information, contact us.

Price Sign Display

We stock a range of holders, stands and pins to make displaying your plastic price signs easy. All of our price display sign accessories are food-safe and hygienic.

And if you’re struggling for room on your cards, why not use toppers instead? Our toppers can communicate important information such as which products are gluten-free in a way that stands out, freeing up your price sign templates for the important things.

It’s easy to let customers know that your croissants are award-winning without compromising on space by placing a topper on your plastic price signs. You can even swap them over to other price signs during offers and promotions!

Fresh lemon slices on display

Increase product appeal.

Price sign stands and promotional toppers draw in the eye to help attract more business. Shop our wide range of display items today!

Gift & Loyalty

Gift cards systems and customer loyalty schemes are important additions to your business because they create an opportunity to bring new customers to your shop whilst adding a new revenue stream.

With a printer bundle, you’ll be able to print your own gift and loyalty cards on demand. You’ll also be able to create a customer database to reduce wastage of any stock, as you’ll be able to see what products your customers really love via preference and sales reports within the loyalty system.

Gift cards create an opportunity for your current customers to introduce their friends and family to your business. All they have to do is purchase a gift card for any special occasion, and the recipient will cash it in for one of your delicious products. This adds further revenue, as 72% of people spend more than the value of their gift card!

Having a gift card system can also be a benefit to customers. For many people, holidays and other festive periods can end up being a costly time, so buying a gift card in advance to redeem for birthday cakes can be a helpful way to spread the cost throughout the year.

Bakery gift card and carrier

Interested in gift and loyalty?

Improve cash flow, customer footfall and product revenue all year round with our gift card solution. We’ll tailor it to your exact needs.

When you invest in a gift card scheme, there are plenty of benefits:

  • Eases cash flow as money is taken upfront and you don’t need to provide services immediately
  • Gift cards are easy to display and market in-store with professional displays that can be designed to suit your shop
  • Gift cards provide additional sales of up to 50% in comparison with paper vouchers
  • On average, 72% of people spend 20% more than the card’s original value
  • Between 7% and 12% of money on gift cards is left unused and can be counted as 100% profit
  • Gift cards are branded with your logo and you can add a simple message to increase word of mouth and footfall

And the addition of a loyalty system also has advantages for your business:

  • Compete with supermarkets and other large stores by rewarding your customers and tracking their buying behaviours/preferences for more accurate stocking decisions
  • Operate the app from a mobile device or your till
  • Loyalty members will tell their friends and family about your loyalty programme and the rewards they’ve redeemed
  • Customers who have a reward to work towards spend more frequently to reach their reward
  • Track and analyse your customer shopping habits and tailor loyalty rewards to individual profiles
  • Automatic triggered messaging for registration, birthdays, points balance etc
  • See which stock is popular and which is least popular among loyalty members
  • There are multiple options for registration – online, via the app, terminal, or a pre-printed form


of people spend more than the value of their gift card


of consumers regularly use at least one loyalty card

Edikio Access printer for bakeries

Revolutionise your printing today.

You’ll find a lot more time to focus on your business when you don’t have to hand-write and laminate every single card!

or, if you’d like to find out more, contact us for more information.

Intelligent Food Labelling 

New food laws have been introduced to ensure that PPDS (Pre Packed for Direct Sale) foods have clear labelling of ALL allergens to prevent those with severe allergies from accidentally eating something that might cause them to suffer an allergic reaction.

If you sell PPDS foods, you MUST put a solution in place. Learn more about our compliant label solution.

Brother QL-820NWB with PPDS

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