Improving Bartlett’s Butchers with a Loyalty System, Gift Cards and New Signage

September 2nd, 2020 | Case Studies


Bartlett’s Butchers and Baguettes Bar is a traditional, established high street family run business in Kidlington, Oxfordshire. Between their physical shop and their online business, Bartlett’s provide a personal, friendly butchers and sandwich service to over 800 customers. It runs its own gift card system and customer loyalty marketing, as well as having an in-store product information and price sign printer.

Bartlett’s is an excellent example of how Reward-It’s customer loyalty solutions have been used by independent high street retailers across the UK to develop their own business.

The Challenge

Ten years ago, butcher and high street business owner David Bartlett was wondering how he could attract and retain even more customers. He knew that the service he provided was excellent because he still had loyal customers who had first bought from him when he started his business in 1984.

However, he was always looking for new options to grow his business over the years, and with local competition gradually increasing over time, he began to consider loyalty programmes for retail businesses to see which would be the best fit.

Bartlett's Butchers Loyalty Cards

The Solution

David saw Reward-It’s loyalty system advertised in a meat magazine. He investigated further and found that Reward-It also provided gift cards and a printer for price signs and cards. It was clear to him that it was the perfect option for his business and his aim of gaining and retaining customers.

Also, vitally, the system was easy to use and had excellent technical support- and the biggest bonus was that all of these services were covered by the same people.

The Benefits

  • Each time the customer opened their purse or wallet, the branding of the loyalty card would remind people of Bartlett’s Butchers and Baguette Bar
  • The loyalty scheme helped to retain first-time customers and enabled the business to build a customer database on which to use Reward-It’s loyalty marketing tools
  • The gift card added a new product, introduced a new revenue stream and brought in new customers
  • Gift card recipients usually make purchases higher than the card’s value
  • The price tag printer included useful templates for allergens, ingredients and much more
  • The price sign cards were made of heat-resistant plastic and were large enough to include a range of product information and selling points
  • The counter signs, gift cards and loyalty cards all came in a range of colours and finishes and could be branded with logos and promotional information

Bartlett's Butchers Storefront

The Result

“I’m a good butcher but I’m not very techy, so if I have a problem with anything, I phone Reward-It. Their support staff are usually able to connect and fix it straight away.

We already sell a lot of home deliveries through the online shop, so adding the gift card and loyalty system to the website is an obvious consideration because it helps to grow the business.”

– David Bartlett, owner

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