Norfolk Passport: A Swift Gift Card System Replacement for Hotels and Restaurants

September 17th, 2020 | Case Studies


Norfolk Passport is a free-to-join membership programme giving subscribers exclusive perks across Norfolk’s tourist attractions and experiences. It is part of the innovative, customer-centric Hidden Talents family of hotels and restaurants, run by a team of 150 friendly staff. It adopted Reward-It’s gift card solution to run its £1,000,000 gift card revenue stream.

Norfolk Passport Loyalty Card Front and Back

The Challenge

Shortly after substantially investing in what was supposed to be a long-term gift card system across four sites, the supplier pulled out of the market. Furthermore, it planned to switch its system off before all the gift cards in circulation had expired – this would mean that around £500,000-worth of gift cards would become worthless overnight.

The team at Norfolk Passport did not want to let this happen; they sought to engage partners that would go the extra mile to protect their customers.

With 150 staff across four sites and a tight migration time window, ease of use was vital as there was little time for training.

The forced change was an opportunity to identify potential improvements. In many ways, the old system was too restrictive. For example, it did not provide online gift card sales functionality, and it could be time-consuming and complicated to administer.

The Solution

Hidden Talent’s POS provider, Epos Now, introduced Reward-It to discuss a swift gift card system replacement.

The three partners successfully collaborated to integrate the existing till and EPOS systems with Reward-It’s software. All the issued gift cards in circulation were safely moved on to Reward-It’s platform before the incumbent supplier’s ‘switch off’ date.

Byford's Loyalty Card In A Hand

The Benefits

  • Reduced cost of gift card administration
  • Provided real-time gift card revenue transparency, including sales and redemption tracking across multiples sites
  • Real-time information which improves management information accuracy and supports confidence in decision-making
  • Strengthened gift card security and protection
  • Provided a new revenue stream from selling the gift cards online
  • Easy, real-time gift card management: cards can instantly be cancelled if they become lost and balances can be edited on-screen
  • Increased the business agility of the gift card revenue stream
  • Extremely easy to use

The Pigs Edgefield Loyalty Card in a Wallet

The Result

“The gift card system we have today is infinitely better. Integration with our POS, customised reporting tools and a seamless transfer between platforms has enabled our gift card revenues to grow exponentially. 


Since the gift card platform went live, I haven’t needed additional contact with either Reward-It or Intersolve as everything has worked well with 100% uptime across the platform.”

– Craig Perry, Head of Tech and Innovation at Hidden Talents

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