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Personalised Gift and Loyalty Card Printing Kiosk

October 12th, 2020 | Case Studies


The gift card and loyalty card printing marketplace has radically changed recently. Now customers can visit a touchscreen self-service plastic gift card printing kiosk on your shop floor, have fun uploading images or taking a selfie, choose a template, write a message and print custom made gift cards.

Alternatively, they can print personalised plastic loyalty cards and check their balance at the same kiosk.

The units come in cutting-edge designs that promote your own brand. Our loyalty and gift card printing kiosks are quick and easy to clean, and have opened a vast number of doors to business improvement: some retailers have increased gift card sales by 500% in the first two months of use.

The business case for gift cards

Gift card sales generally increase revenue and spread the pressure of storage space and restocking throughout the year. The human nature-based business case rarely alters:

72% of customers spend more than the value of their gift card

Gift cards don’t take up much space and are easy to market

On average, customers spend 20% more than the value of their gift card

black gift card with gold text
Example of a gift car

Market research in favour of a ‘make your own gift card’ service

A self-service, personalised plastic gift card printing machine suits the diversity of today’s society. In 2019, Global Data and UK GCVA released survey results supporting a gift card kiosk that enables customers to create their own gift cards:

26% of gift card users want a personalised message on their gift card

19% of users wanted a personalised image on their gift card

26% wanted an image that related to the occasion being celebrated

Our self-service kiosks for personalised gift card printing improve the customer experience for last-minute gift buyers. The personalised nature of these gift cards shows thought by the person giving it – yet provides a speedy sales cycle, which is ideal for eleventh-hour shoppers.

Revolutionary self-service personalised plastic gift and loyalty card printer

Our custom gift card printing kiosks provide a fun and unique customer experience, while upselling to your footfall by increasing gift card sales. The ‘design and create your own gift card experience’ is largely as follows:

● Customers do not have to queue for your till; they simply walk up to your loyalty and gift card kiosk with a payment card
● The touchscreen is automatically triggered as your customer approaches
● Many of our custom gift card printing kiosks include an attachment for hand sanitiser
● You set the minimum gift card value, and your customer can choose any amount from there
● They choose a gift card design from a range of templates
● They write the message they want to be printed on the gift card
● Pictures can be uploaded to the gift card design from their phone or taken using the camera built into the gift card kiosk
● They complete their design and pay at the kiosk (chip and pin)
● The custom gift card printing kiosk prints a full-colour, double-sided custom plastic gift card within seconds

There is zero staff involvement in these sales. The touchscreens are customisable, fun, and easy to use.

Is there an online ‘design your own plastic gift card’ offering?

Customers can also create a digital e-gift card to send from the gift card kiosk in your store. These can include a video message, which can be recorded on your gift card machine or uploaded from their phone.

Customers can buy a gift card online and collect it in store, increasing your footfall.

There’s no queuing, and this service helps grow your footfall and increase sales while providing a novel customer journey.

Custom loyalty card printing

The gift card kiosk can also provide custom-made self-service customer loyalty cards. The customer experience is similar to gift card printing at the kiosk. It enables them to sign up to your customer loyalty card scheme without staff involvement and collects all the customer information you need to provide them with relevant information, offers and discounts.

Your customers can check their loyalty reward card balance, on-screen, at the gift card kiosk at any time.

How to get even more revenue out of your gift card kiosk

You can set the kiosk to display pre-specified adverts or elements of your website when it isn’t being used by a customer. The software is flexible and enables you to run competitions and membership schemes from it. You might also consider charging stock suppliers to advertise their products on the screen.

In many cases, there are several incremental revenue opportunities available. For example, if you can use the kiosk to handle mobile phone top-ups and/or utility bill payments, you could significantly increase footfall.

Gift and loyalty card printing kiosk specifications

There are a range of models available. They all have sleek designs to enhance the appearance of your in-store environment. Capabilities vary with product models, and sizes range from countertop to free-standing.

We work with multiple manufacturers. However, as an example, the Bulldog free-standing personalised gift card kiosks provide:

● high capacity, with refills of up to 200 cards
● Wi-Fi/LAN connectivity
● full customer data capture
● a one-year warranty
● exceptional installation and technical support services, including remote monitoring

To increase revenue without using staff time, all you have to do is remember to switch it on and occasionally refill it.

These kiosks are available to buy, lease or rent. Please contact us via our enquiry form or call 020 8266 1600 for information and advice.

If you think we can assist you, fill in the enquiry form on our contact us page or give us a call on 020 8266 1600.

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