No Deposit Access Control Technology Leasing

October 23rd, 2020 | Price Sign Printers, Product Updates

With the recent unprecedented times, managing price sign printers within retail, leisure and food industries has been made harder without buying or leasing.


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What are the benefits of no deposit leasing for security equipment?

No deposit leasing of price sign printers enables you to introduce or replace technology quickly and without it having a significant impact on your cashflow.

Choosing no deposit leasing also means that your technology will always be up to date. For instance, if you are at the end of leasing a price sign printer, you can swap it for the most up to date version and further continue leasing your printer.

Being able to offer a fixed short term leasing plan is one of the benefits of no deposit leasing  for price sign printers and bundles, meaning that your leased solution will always be within warranty and leasing products helps reduce other maintenance costs, enabling you to focus this budget elsewhere.

Purchasing price sign printers at short notice might be beyond your budget, however, this is a good example of where a no deposit lease on price sign printers can benefit your business. Leasing a printer helps you get started straight away with your price sign printing, without the need to pay an upfront cost in full.


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What products are available on a no deposit lease?

Our no deposit leasing on products from individual price sign printers, to price sign bundles, allows you as a business to be able to manage the costs of the technology more.

Whether you’re looking to lease a price sign printer that’s easy to use like our Edikio Access Printer Bundle or our Edikio Flex Printer Bundle or perhaps you need the versatility or high capacity of our PriceCardPro Flex, we have leasing arrangements to suit most budgets.

Leasing price sign technology has financial benefits including:

  • Making budget forecasting easier
  • Tax efficiency
  • Cash flow protection
  • It doesn’t impact your credit score
  • Enables you to adopt cutting edge technology without capex

Leasing price sign printers like our PriceCardPro Duo Printer enables you to efficiently and affordably upgrade or replace your outdated printer.

Fixed no deposit technology lease payments enable you to manage, maintain and spread costs. For example, if you purchased a PCP Duo Printer it will cost £995 excl VAT. However, if you used a no deposit technology lease it would cost £31.36 a month over 3 years. With £214.50 tax relief net cost would be just £914.46

The table below illustrates how a no deposit lease spreads the costs:



Product price (£ ex VAT) No deposit lease term (years) Monthly payment (£) Total annual expenditure (£) Annual tax relief (£) Net cost (£)
1,000 3 34.68 416.16 79.07 1011.27
1,000 5 22.88 274.56 52.16 1111.97
2,000 3 69.36 832.32 158.14 2022.54
2,000 5 45.76 549.12 104.33 2223.94
8,000 3 272.32 816.98 620.89 7940.85
8,000 5 179.68 898.40 409.67 8732.45
10,000 3 340.40 4084.80 776.11 9926.06
10,000 5 224.60 2695.20 512.08 10915.56




Leasing printer technology enables you to adopt more sophisticated technology than you might’ve done before. With leasing, your costs are predictable and more affordable compared to making an outright cash purchase.


If you would like to know more about our no deposit technology leasing options please contact us and our team of advisors will help you.

Tel: 020 8266 1600                Email: [email protected]

Written by Lucy Wenham

Lucy is a customer loyalty expert, with experience in loyalty schemes for small independent stores, right through to our town and city-wide loyalty schemes.

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