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Gift Card Systems

Electronic gift cards are an ideal, cost-effective way to offer gift cards to your customers, no matter where they are.

With digital gift cards, distributed via email, customers can send gifts from anywhere in the world to their loved ones, introducing them to your business – and further increasing your revenue as you continue to gain new customers.

Benefits of Digital Gift Cards

Gift cards are an ideal offering for small businesses, as they provide many benefits, including:

  • Increased sales

  • Additional revenue

  • A brand new stream of customers

  • Reduced theft and fraud

  • Market your business to customers you may not have reached otherwise

  • Extra profits when the value on a card is left unredeemed

Selling e-gift cards for your small business couldn’t be easier

With the simple cloud-based back office, you can access your account anywhere to manage your gift card sales and view customer gift card statistics for your business.

Within the back office, you can edit a range of settings, including the length of validity of the gift card and the maximum value that can be added to a gift card.

E-gift cards can be sold in-store or online


Once the purchase has been completed, all you need to do as the retailer is log into your account using the back office and input the information required – such as email address, name, and value of the gift card.

The digital gift card will be sent from your business to the recipient as an email containing a unique scannable QR code and the value of the gift card, and it can be used straight away. All the customer needs to do is visit your shop and scan their code to use their gift card!

There’s no minimum or maximum limit when it comes to redeeming value on the gift card, so a customer can spend £10 on a £50 gift card and return at a later date to use the rest of the money.

With a mobile phone, all you need to do before getting started with your e-gift cards is to download the app specifically designed for businesses. Once you have configured it via your back office account, you’ll be able to use the device’s camera to scan your customers’ digital gift cards.

If you’d like to use a tablet, we recommend using a customer-facing device with a stand on your countertop. With a configuration like this, you can set up your tablet to run slides containing branded images, text, and anything else you want to be shown to your customers. The screen will also show buttons that your customers can use to bring up the camera, allowing them to easily scan their e-gift cards.

For additional security, you can set a PIN number so the tablet must be returned to you before any amount is redeemed.

Our gift cards are ideal for small businesses, as you don’t need to pay for any additional hardware to be able to use them.

Instead, you can use your existing devices, such as a mobile phone or a tablet, to scan cards in-store and get started instantly.

Gift Card Compatibility

Reward-It’s gift card system is ideal for the use of digital gift cards, but you can also offer printed plastic gift cards to your customers. These can be designed to suit the branding of your business and can be presented in-store with gift card carriers that match the design of your card.

Printed gift cards also feature a unique QR code and can be scanned in the same way as digital cards, meaning you don’t need to run two different systems – they are easily interchangeable.

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