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Loyalty Card Benefits for Customers


By scanning a loyalty card at a point of sale your customers can benefit from rewards based on your chosen scheme, some other benefits include…

  • Instant rewards and discounts at check-out.
  • Access specific offers and promotions catered to them.
  • Gain personal rewards for special occasions (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.)
  • Exclusive loyalty member benefits.
  • A go-to brand they can trust.
  • Access to better deals compared to your competitors.
Loyalty card for fashion retailer

Benefits for Business


Customer spending is 46% higher with companies that offer Reward Cards, an incentive like a loyalty card will encourage your consumers to utilise your rewards and In return, you will acquire invaluable customer data to help navigate future marketing campaigns and excess revenue which can both be used to grow your business. The loyalty card will remind your customers of your brand which will encourage them to re-visit your business

You decide on what rewards your customers can claim by implementing your reward scheme into the system, and once you register your customers, they can redeem points.



Loyalty cards bring many benefits to your business:

  • Greater footfall – Increase of sales, cash flow, and security.
  • Offering incentives can encourage your customers to re-visit your store.
  • Providing additional benefits to loyalty-only customers encourages customer spending.
  • Increases customer retention levels – customers are given a reason to come back.
  • Promotes your brand by promoting your loyalty cards around your shop.
  • Provides an additional benefit to your brand over competitors.
  • Your customers will refer their loyalty cards to friends and family.


of retailers say that loyalty cards are effective in gathering customer data.

Loyalty Design and Printing


The Reward-It loyalty card system allows you to easily create your own loyalty card designs and prints using a plastic card printer.

You can choose from a selection of our ready-made templates or inform us of your desired loyalty card design, and we’ll print it for you. Apply your logos and personalised icons to create visually appealing bespoke designs and, include contact details to ease your customers’ access to your brand’s contact information. Once you’ve applied your QR code, you can share your card designs on all your online platforms and promote them in your shop.

We provide PVC and biodegradable PVC cards that are standard credit card size (86x54mm) cards with a thickness of 760 micron. You can even choose CR80 cards with a fob, apply scratch panels, and many other different cards and features.

Loyalty Card Combi Card

How Our Loyalty System Works


Follow our steps below to start your loyalty scheme journey:

Set the rules

Decide on a reward scheme your customers will best benefit from your loyalty program based on their shopping behaviour. Choose from 3 different reward schemes – Points for Pounds, Points Per Transaction, Points Per Visit.

  1. Display and promote your loyalty cards

It is essential that you display and promote your loyalty cards ideally at a point of sale, loyalty cards are a great way of keeping your brand’s name in your customer’s mind.

Don’t forget to advertise your scheme on any relevant online platforms e.g. social media, websites. Discover 15 ways you can promote your loyalty scheme here!

Register Customer

Add your customer’s invaluable information to your database by enrolling them via your Scan’R App, Web Terminal, pre-printed branded registration form, or via customer self-registration through a branded website.

Redeem points

Simply scan or swipe the loyalty card via your Scan’R app or Merchant Web Terminal to redeem points or activate a reward.

Optimise your customer’s information

The terminals deliver points to the back-office system, utilise the data to create marketing campaigns and marketing mailshots to constantly engage with your customers – this step is key to your business’ growth.

Loyalty Customer

Now that you have loyal customers, why not encourage them to send gift cards to their friends and family?

You can run our loyalty system using a smartphone, tablet, or merchant web terminal via an internet-enabled PC.

ipad and iphone scan'r app

Download our business loyalty app to redeem and add points to your customer’s loyalty cards at the tip of your fingers!

merchant web terminal scan'r

Simply connect the business web terminal to any internet-enabled PC and start scanning your customer’s loyalty cards using a barcode scanner.