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Edikio Product Compatibility

Edikio Price Sign Printer Range

There is a large range of products available for your printer. Sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what item you need to buy, so we have created the following table to help you.

Use the table below to see which products are compatible with your Edikio printer so that you know exactly what you need to order.

We stock all of these items, which can be found in our online shop. We stock most Edikio products and consumables. Order before 3pm for next working day delivery!

Printer Ribbons

N  Compatible        M  Not Compatible

ProductManufacturer Part CodeEdikio AccessEdikio FlexEdikio Duplex
WHITE Monochrome Ribbon ‐ 500 printsRCT052NAANMM
WHITE Monochrome Ribbon ‐ 1000 printsRCT015NAAMNN
BLACK Monochrome Ribbon ‐ 500 printsRCT025NAANMM
BLACK Monochrome Ribbon ‐ 2000 printsRCT023NAAMNN
BLACKFLEX Monochrome Ribbon ‐ 1000 printsRCT019NAAMNN
BLUE Monochrome Ribbon ‐ 1000 printsRCT012NAAMNN
RED Monochrome Ribbon ‐ 1000 printsRCT013NAAMNN
GREEN Monochrome Ribbon ‐ 1000 printsRCT014NAAMNN
METALLIC GOLD Monochrome Ribbon ‐ 1000 printsRCT016NAAMNN
METALLIC SILVER Monochrome Ribbon ‐ 1000 printsRCT017NAAMNN
KO (Black, Overlay) Ribbon ‐ 600 printsR2F010NAAMNN
1/2 YMCKO Color Ribbon ‐ 400 printsR5H004NAAMNN
YMCKO Color Ribbon ‐ 200 printsR5F002EAAMNN
YMCKO Color Ribbon ‐ 300 printsR5F008EAAMNN
YMCKO‐K Color Ribbon ‐ 200 prints / rollR6F003EAAMMN

The maximum number of prints that a ribbon will yield is based on printing onto 86x54mm CR80 cards. Printing onto extended cards will use more ribbon and therefore less than the maximum number of prints will be yielded.

Edikio monochrome white ribbon
Black PVC cards

Order consumables online.

All of our Edikio ribbons, consumables and cleaning kits are now available to purchase from our online shop.

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