Price Tag Printers

140mm price sign on butchers counter

No more laminating. No more marker pens. Just an easy printing solution.

Print directly onto plastic cards and improve your price sign presentation at the click of a mouse!

With the right price sign printer, you can print high-quality price signs for a range of industries and displays. At Reward-It, we provide a wide variety of price tag printers all with unique benefits, able to suit the different requirements of each business. 

We offer price sign printers that can print on high-quality plastic cards in various sizes and a range of colours and designs. With our printers, you can print high-quality price signs that are informative, hygienic and stand out to your customers.

Uses of price sign printers

If your business needs to convey important information clearly, you will need a high-quality price tag printer. This could include product information, such as ingredient lists and highlighting known allergen info, or if you want to highlight a new offer. Price signs are the perfect solution.

Using the right printer and material, you can print hygienic, food-friendly signs that are durable and easy to clean. This makes them great for the food and drink industry, especially on countertop displays. Whether you want to print a credit card-sized sign or a large format sign that delivers a bold message, there is a price sign printer for you.

Explore the various options below to find a printer that will benefit your business.

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Edikio Price Sign Printer Range

Edikio Printers

The Edikio range of printers lets you print single-sided price signs straight out of the box in 15 seconds. You can print high-quality, hygienic signs that you don’t have to laminate so you can display them right away.

If you need to reprint signs, the Edikio software includes a database where all your various products are stored. This makes printing even easier, select the right product and click print. It’s as simple as that.

PriceCardPro Printer Range

PriceCardPro Printers

The PriceCardPro range is ideal for printing high-quality and food-safe plastic price signs perfect to display on countertops. If you want to save money and time, while maintaining excellent hygiene, print your price signs on durable and flexible plastic cards. With this printer, you can produce price signs that will last and keep their quality in the long term.

This printer allows you to create many price signs quickly without losing any quality or sacrificing on hygiene. We have a lite version for smaller businesses, and other models with additional functions, making it easier than ever for any business to print the right price signs for your display.

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Standard price sign printer with printed cards

Standard Printers

Print professional, robust and long-lasting 86x54mm price signs with our range of standard plastic card printers.

Our range of printing ribbons also enables the option for colour printing so you can print designs onto your price signs in full colour.

If you don’t need to print onto longer, extended cards- a printer from this range will fit the bill for you. You can also print gift and loyalty cards using a printer from this range!   

PriceCardPro Flex Xtended card printer with long price signs

Xtended Printers

These unique printers allow you to print signs from 86mm right up to a massive 140mm wide.

That should give you enough space to make them stand out and include descriptions, product contents and also logos and imagery.

Thanks to exceptional print quality, you’ll even be able to add images and graphics with fine detail to your price signs for a truly professional and visually appealing display.

Why print plastic price signs?

Printing your price signs onto durable plastic cards has many benefits over paper, card or laminated price signs.

  • More robust and long-lasting than laminated signs
  • Maintain exceptional hygiene
  • Make your price signs stand out
  • Easy to display ingredients
  • Highlight known allergens
  • Keep up with legislation

Since printed price signs are more durable, you’ll spend less time producing replacement price signs in the long run. Furthermore, price sign software (included in the Flex bundle) makes reprinting price signs much quicker thanks to the ability to save price sign data in a database so that once added, different products can be selected with one click and printed with a specific design.

Bakery printed price sign

Not got time to print your price tickets?

Our price sign printing bureau is here to help. You can place an order enquiry for printed price signs online today. From small quantities for independents, to price ticket issuance to stores nationwide – our printing team can handle it from design to delivery.