Price Sign Displays

Say goodbye to paper price signs, marker pens and laminating…

…and hello to attractive, durable and hassle-free printed price signs that improve the appearance of your display


What are plastic price signs?

Plastic price signs are a durable, attractive and more efficient alternative to printing or writing onto paper. They’re great for counter displays in delis, butchers, bakeries, cafés and other high street retailers.

Paper signs can take time to produce and often don’t last as long on food displays due to contamination, whereas plastic printed signs are quick to produce and last much longer thanks to scratch-proof and waterproof qualities.

Our signs are printed using a desktop printer manufactured specifically for the purpose. They’re easy to set up and use with your PC or laptop, and there are a range of models to suit different needs and budgets – so no matter what size retailer you are, there is a price sign printer to suit!

Thanks to the intuitive software that we’re able to offer with all of our printers, setting up new price sign designs and reprinting them on an ad hoc basis is straightforward and not time-consuming.


provision pin card holder






Sandwich on display with allergens listed

Why print plastic price signs?

Printing your price signs onto durable plastic cards has many benefits over paper, card or laminated signs.

  • More robust and long lasting than laminated signs
  • Make your price signs stand out
  • Easy to display ingredients
  • Keep up with legislation

Since printed signs are more durable, you’ll spend less time producing replacement price signs in the long run.

Furthermore, price sign software (included in the Flex bundle) makes reprinting price signs much quicker thanks to the ability to save price sign data in a database so that once added, different products can be selected with one click and printed with a specific design.

You can view our range of plastic price signs and all accessories here.


A variety of sizes to cater to all of your price sign needs


Print on a variety of sizes including wide format for ingredients lists

A wide range of colours with the option for pre-printed elements


Choose from a range of colours such as black, silver, gold, or slate effect

Print price signs in just 10 seconds in batches or on demand


Print price signs in just 10 seconds in batches or on demand

Price signs can make your counter more attractive


Improve the appearance of your counter with appealing signage

Sturdy, hard-wearing plastic with no delamination


Sturdy, hard-wearing plastic with no need for laminating

Hygienic and easy to clean for long lasting quality


Hygienic and easy to clean for long lasting quality

Print your own price signs in-house

PriceCardPro Flex price sign printer

Price Sign Printers

Stacked coloured cards

Coloured Cards

Price sign display stands

Price Sign Display

Order printed price signs

If you’re too busy to make your own price signs or only need a small quantity, we’ve got the perfect solution. Our price sign printing bureau can do all the work for you.

We offer a full design service with a quick printing turn around, and we also deliver nationwide!

Why not let our price sign printing bureau can do all the work?

Why Reward-It?

Reward-It is your partner in retail success. We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, helping high street shops through to large chains with both gift and loyalty systems and product displays.

Our huge range of price sign display items is popular among butchers, bakeries, cafés, fashion and beauty stores and other high street retailers. They’re versatile, durable and great looking- helping your business to create visually stunning product displays that increase sales. 

What’s more, our customers choose Reward-It because of our experience. We understand the retail market and its challenges and we tailor our service to ensure that it will meet the needs of each customer.

We can offer comprehensive technical support that is unrivalled in the industry, as well as a selection of marketing packages through which we can support you in attracting new customers and selling more products.