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Our Recycling Promise

Here at Reward-It, we care about the environment.

That’s why we’re taking special steps to ensure that as little of our waste as possible ends up in a landfill.

It’s impossible to eradicate waste entirely, but it’s our duty to prevent any excess and ensure the waste that we do produce is securely recycled. Plastic pollution is a big concern right now and we’re doing all we can to prevent any of our plastics from ending up where they shouldn’t be.

We also understand that it can be hard to know which plastics can be recycled.

To make sure that recycling your used plastics is as easy as possible, we have set up a secure recycling scheme. All you need to do is download the returns label below, send us the items you want to recycle, and we’ll do the rest.

Please note that our recycling service is only available to Mainland UK customers. We will not be held responsible for any packages containing items for recycling or disposal sent from overseas.

Our recycling service is GDPR compliant.

The items that we accept for recycling are:

  • All PVC cards including price cards and technology cards
  • Printer ribbons
  • Lanyards with metal or plastic fittings
  • Cardholders and price sign display stands

1. Package up the goods you want us to recycle and send them to us using the downloadable returns label

2. All goods are kept on-site securely until they’re ready to be disposed of

3. Plastic, metal and other recyclable elements are separated

4. Cards and printer ribbons are shredded to ensure that any personal data is destroyed

5. Recyclable elements are sent to a recycling facility where they begin their life as something new