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Partner Programme for Retailer Suppliers

Established wholesale distributers and EPOS or technology resellers that supply retailers are invited to become channel partners for price sign, gift card and loyalty card solutions. They can all make more money by adding our new revenue stream opportunities to their existing wholesale product range or technology solutions.

Why become a reseller?

Our channel partners sell our price signage, gift card and loyalty solutions to retailers in their existing customer base. This provides them with a new revenue source and so increases sales.

Furthermore, the loyalty card and gift card solutions increase sales revenue from retailers’ existing customers and attract new business, so it is a win-win way to increase income streams.

Reward-It’s unrestricted agreement framework ensures that resellers and wholesalers benefit from the customers they bring to us.

For example:

  • you add customer loyalty cards, gift card systems, price sign printers and accessories to your
    product and service portfolio
  • you are seen to be helping to increase revenue for your customers
    there is a worthwhile profit margin on all products and services
  • there are no minimum revenue targets
  • you do not have to spend time specifying a recommendation, in order to make a sale
  • we help you generate revenue to your cash flow – no capex or stockholding required
  • we set up and support the label/price sign printers and the loyalty/gift card solutions, so
    after the sale you can enjoy recurring revenue from each introduction
  • there are integrated and standalone gift and loyalty card solutions so there’s something that
    will work for every kind of retailer
  • all our systems are scalable, so your recurring revenue can grow with your clients’
  • you could also resell our plastic cards and printer accessories, which would make you a one-stop shop for retailer gift card, loyalty and price sign solutions.

We can undertake demos or pre-sales support on your behalf if you prefer not to undergo product training. We can then either supply the product to you or to your customer with a rebate scheme – therefore protecting your margins.

why become a Reward-It reseller?
Reward-It reseller marketing support materials

Resources given to all our partners

All our resellers receive our full sales and marketing support, which includes:
a dedicated Account Manager

  • customer-specific promotional codes
  • free product training (although this is not compulsory)
  • end user sales support – we can manage the pre-sale software and hardware demos on your
  • 14-day loyalty software trials for your retail customers
  • free packs of samples
  • hardware and software installation for all customers
  • technical support via email and web chat for all your customers
  • access to a library of product demo videos
  • digital marketing campaign collateral to run highly targeted campaigns, saving you time and money
  • co-branded PDF brochures
  • marketing material and messages to use on social media
  • a full product and price spreadsheet to import into your existing sales system.

How do I become a reseller?

To join our reseller partner programme, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • Well-established wholesale or technology business that serves retailers
  • Proven trading history in your industry
  • A functioning e-business element within your sales operation
  • Excellent customer service.

If you are interested in becoming a reseller partner, please register your interest by completing the form below.

    Providing good service to your customers can have a positive impact on your gift and loyalty systems.

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