Reward-It Gift For Epos Now

Reward-It Ltd are thrilled to announce full integration of Reward-it Gift card management to Epos Now point of sale terminals. The Reward-It Gift For Epos Now app is perfect for businesses of all sizes to issue and manage a bespoke gift card program.

Quick Setup

Start selling fully branded gift cards in as little as 5 days

Ease Of Use

Simple 2 step process for your staff to activate, load and redeem gift cards

Full Reporting

Multiple reports including float, transaction log and card balance

No Additional Hardware

Use your own barcode scanners or magnetic stripe readers

How It Works

The Epos Now terminal with the Reward-It Gift app installed will allow instant gift card issuance. Cards can be activated and values loaded in seconds. A gift card receipt is generated and all transactions are captured in the reporting module. Gift cards can be tailored to each customer’s hardware – either Barcode, QR Code or magnetic stripe.

The Reward-It Gift back office gives the retailer a complete audit trail, float report and transaction history. This is the perfect way to keep in touch with the gift card program. Reward-It partner with Intersolve EGI for the security and peace of mind of their European Electronic Money Licence.

Increased Revenue and Footfall

Gift cards are recognised and effective tool for increasing revenue. In the UK 72% of gift card recipients will spend more than the value of the card, so in essence the retailer profits from the purchaser of the gift card and the receiver. In real terms the gift card draws a customer base into the store that might have passed by if it had not been for the gift card.

A key benefit for the retailer is to underline that with every gift card sale the retailer earns revenue without actually selling an item. The sale is made when the gift card is redeemed. The reality is however that not all gift cards are redeemed.

Retain Customers

Gift cards are excellent way for the retailer to manage customers returning items, simply issue a gift card in place of the refund. The benefit of doing this, of course, is that it insists upon the credits being used in the retailer’s store. With gift cards, the retailer can ensure that none of the sales are ultimately lost through the returns process. They help to keep the money spent in your store.

Improve Your Brand’s Image, Be Visual

Last and not least gift cards are a great way to promote the retailers brand. All of the large retailers have racks of bright gift card positioned strategically at the till. Good signage and staff awareness are crucial to the success of a gift card program. They should be treated as if they were any other product, with a strong emphasis on a visual display. Reward-it offer a range of gift card carriers and holders to help promote gift cards.

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