Set Up & Basics

All the basic information you need to set up your solution for a well-run, successful system.

How Does Having A Customer Loyalty Scheme Benefit Your Business?

All the facts and figures you need to know to understand exactly how your customer loyalty scheme benefits your business.

The Monetary Impact a Loyalty Scheme Has on Your Business

Loyalty rewards schemes are a proven method of increasing your customer retention rate. Not only do they offer incentives to your customers, but they also offer retailers a chance to measure a whole range of data pertaining to their business – and more specifically, customer loyalty.

Successfully Designing Your Loyalty Scheme

The success of your loyalty system is dependent on how you decide to design it. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, and it’s important to consider all of your choices.

How Easy Is It to Migrate from an Existing Loyalty Card System?

If you find that you’re not happy with the performance of your loyalty platform, you may choose to invest in a system that’s better for your needs. To do so, you must be prepared to migrate your existing information to a new system.

10 Top Tips to Maximise Success

There are certain things you should know to maximise the success of your gift and loyalty systems.

Encouraging Customer Spend via Loyalty Points

Once you have set up your customer loyalty scheme, you’ll begin to see people signing up and then collecting points and redeeming them. It can be exciting to see the effects of your loyalty scheme, but what do you do if you realise that a few customers are collecting a large amount of points?

Free Terms and Conditions Templates

To help you focus on the important stuff, like the success of your gift and loyalty systems, we’ve helped you out with any T&Cs you might need. Simply change the personal details to suit your business and you’re ready to go.


Gift Card System Terms & Conditions

Loyalty Card System Terms & Conditions

PASS Guides

All the useful things you need to know about the back office of your gift or loyalty system under one helpful section.


Blocking and Unblocking Cards

Registering A Member

Exporting Member Lists To Use Elsewhere

Viewing and Extracting Customer Data Reports

Viewing Transactions

Replacing A Loyalty Card

Scan’r App Guides

Using Short Card Code On Scan’r App

Adding A Short Code To Scan’r App

Epos Now Guides

Reward-It Gift For Epos Now – Back Office Instructions

Reward-It Gift For Epos Now – Retailer Manual

Reward-It Gift For Epos Now – Retailer Setup Instructions

Uninstallations Guide

Epos Now Video Guides

How To Activate A Gift Card

Paying With A Gift Card

How To Refund A Gift Card

Reprinting A Gift Receipt

Cancelling A Transaction

Set Up & Basics FAQs

Are gift card systems and loyalty schemes run on the same system?

Yes. Reward-It’s gift card systems and loyalty schemes are run on the same system, which is known as PASS.

What is PASS?

PASS is Reward-It’s system that covers both gift cards and loyalty cards. You can also use it as your email marketing system, and that means you don’t need to mess around with importing and exporting databases.

How do I scan a loyalty card?

To scan a loyalty card, you first need to locate the barcode or QR code that’s printed on your customer’s loyalty card. Then, either using your mobile device or a barcode scanner (depending on if you’ve opted for till integration), simply scan the code. Your customer’s loyalty account will appear on screen.