18 Inch 4 Tier Greeting Card Display Stand


An attractive and compact design which is especially useful in promoting your business or gift cards. This display stand is fit for use where you have a limited amount of space.

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About our 18 Inch 4 Tier Greeting Card Display Stand

The stands are made from standard cardboard sheets which typically contains around 75% of recycled material and the stands can be recycled at end of life making them much more environmentally friendly than plastic alternatives. This is a sturdy cardboard stand and if treated with care will give years of service. We can also offer a header board for you to attach your marketing messages fits in the top of the stand and can also be left off if not required.

With a total width of 18″, this card display stand allows for 3 cards to be placed on each tier side by side. Primarily designed for on counter use in shops, but this stand could be used across tabletops at craft fairs, events and exhibitions. Baring in mind that this display stand is made out of cardboard, if taken care of, this stand should last for some years to come.

Features and measurements of the display stand:

Internal width of 18″ (457mm)
Tiers are 2″ (50mm) deep
The rise between each level is 1.8″ (46mm) meaning the top 1.8″ of card placed in the top three tiers will be visible.
Lip on the first tier is 2″ (52mm) hiding the bottom 2″ of the cards in this tier. Alll other tiers have a lip of 1.5″

Overall stand size:

Width: 18.3″ (466mm)
Height: 10.7″ (271mm) without header board
Height: 17.7″ (450mm) with header board
Depth: 9″ (230mm)

We offer these stand types:

Bulk Packed : This is flat packed with assembly instructions. As with all flat packed items some people find them easy to assemble others less easy. We strongly suggest you watch the assembly video below before making a purchase and again before starting to assemble. In our experience people who do this usually don’t have issues. If you don’t feel comfortable or only want a couple of stands why not order pre-assembled and let us do the work.

Individually Boxed : These are still flat packed but each in it’s own box, this is typically for wholesalers who are onward shipping to their customers.

Pre-assembled : Stands are delivered ready to go (well almost you will need to pop the header board in the top). 

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