Alcohol Sanitiser Refill Bottle (5L)

£30.00 ex. VAT ( £36.00 inc. VAT)

About our 5L Sanitiser Refill Bottles

Volume: 5 litres

Alcohol content: 70%

Full conformance with EN1276


About our Alcohol Sanitiser Refill Bottle (5L)

Need to top up on sanitiser? This 5-litre refill bottle is ideal for topping up your sanitising station to maintain hygiene regulations in the workplace.

Is your business customer-facing?

Regulating the hygiene of all visitors and customers is essential. The hand sanitising station can be placed in your foyer or reception area to ensure that visitors are sanitising as soon as they enter the premises- helping to protect both themselves and your employees from the transmission of harmful bacteria via contact.

The station is durable thanks to the robust coated metal framework and plastic panels- making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. The panels also provide an excellent platform for displaying branding and any important notices regarding personal hygiene or business health regulations.