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Turning First Time Customers Into Repeat Customers

There are plenty of businesses that offer the same thing as yours, and your customers have the pick of the bunch. You need to set yourself apart from your competitors to increase footfall and then take measures to keep them coming back for more. That starts with...

Top 5 Loyalty Card Design Tips

Loyalty card systems are a perfect way to retain customers and reward them for being a repeat customer. They’re also great to assist with marketing, and one aspect of that is having custom printed plastic loyalty cards, designed with your logo. Standard plastic...

Collecting Consumer Data With A Loyalty Scheme Registration Form

Consumer data is useful for a number of different reasons. You can use it to find gaps in the market, make sure your customers are having a satisfying experience, refine your business plan and much more. Collecting customer data is essential for your business, as...

Collecting Consumer Data

Collecting customer data can be beneficial to both retailers and the people who shop with them. Research by McKinsey & Company says that companies who use data to help streamline their marketing and sales plans are 23 times more likely to acquire customers – and 6...

Successfully Designing Your Loyalty Scheme

The success of your loyalty system is dependent on how you decide to design it. There are plenty of options for you to choose from, and it’s important to consider your choices based on what you already know about your customers. With so many different options, you can...

How Does Having A Customer Loyalty Scheme Benefit Your Business?

As a retailer, you’re more than aware how long the hours can be. It’s not just the stockkeeping and the finances – it’s the marketing too, and for many people, that can be an unnecessary stress. One of the biggest benefits of having a customer loyalty scheme is that...

The Most Effective Places To Use Price Signs

Shop display price signs need to be close to the product they’re related to. The right placement of price sign holders conveys valuable information to customers. For example, produce price signs highlight the product’s price, nutritional information, and ingredient...

How Does Having A Loyalty Card Benefit The Customer & The Business?

Customer loyalty is one of the biggest elements that contributes to the success of your business. Customer retention is up to 5 times less expensive than marketing to gain new customers, so it’s worth building up the loyalty you see from your regular customer base....

Presenting and Displaying Your Gift Cards In-Store

Once you’ve set up your gift card system, the next big step is to get them flying off the shelves. But for that to happen you need to market them properly, and that means you need somewhere well thought out to put them. You can’t hide them away, out of view from your...

Top 10 Tips to Maximise the Success of Your Loyalty and Gift Schemes

If you’re a retailer with a customer rewards scheme or gift card system in place, you’ll know how important it is to take every step you can to make sure your investment pays off. Attracting footfall and then retaining new customers can be a tricky experience, but...