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Model: 310-1050-GFY
Gold Sparkle Gift Cards (Pre-Printed)Our pre-printed Gold Sparkle Gift Cards are a convenient, ready-to-go choice. We can personalise the back of the cards with your business' information, including a monochrome logo and a QR code or barcode.The sleek, neutral design works for any industry and these PVC cards help with cash flow all year round. They fit perfectly in branded or standard gift card holders, offering an extra revenue stream for your business.Statistics:•  7-12% of gift card sales are never redeemed meaning means gift cards have an excellent profit margin.•  72% of customers spend more than the value of their gift card and are 2x more likely to pay full price for products than those making cash purchases...
Inc Tax:£0.60
Model: 400-1003
Honeywell 1300G Barcode ScannerImprove customer experience by seamlessly scanning gift and loyalty cards with the Honeywell 1300g linear-barcode scanner. Its sleek and compact design ensures that it won't take up valuable counter space and is perfect for on-the-go businesses and pop-up shops. The Honeywell 1300g ensures rapid and precise card scanning, significantly reducing customer wait times and minimising errors.Measurements:•  Dimensions: 150 mm x 112 mm x 79 mm•  Weight: 160 gFeatures:•  Scan Pattern: Single line•  Scan Rate: Up to 270 scans per second..
Inc Tax:£113.40
Model: 305-1650-CGFY
Gold Sparkle Gift Card Holder – Pack of 25These New York-style card holders are customisable and come with the option to include an adhesive euro slot, allowing for versatile presentation either on a shelf-style POS display or as a hanging display. The die-cut half-moon slots keep the gift card held in place and the inner design allows the holders to double up as a greeting card, featuring space for a personalised message to the recipient. If you prefer, we offer square envelopes to accompany these holders, enabling your customers to easily send them as gifts by mail. The entire holder is adhesive-free, contributing to a more eco-friendly production process and disposal.​​​​​​​If you’re looking for gift cards to pair with these holders? You can conveniently add them to your order or explore our gift card options further.Measurements:•  Folded size: 96 x 96mmNew York-Style: The "New York-style gift card holder" showcases a double-fold design that securely holds the gift card in place with its die-cut half-moon slots...
Inc Tax:£25.50
Model: 305-1650-CMLG
Blue Confetti Gift Card Holders (Pack of 25)These pre-printed Blue Confetti New York Style Gift Card Holders are a stylish way to display and sell your shop's gift cards. They have a premium silk finish to make them look great on your POS displays.With the option to add an adhesive euro slot, these holders can be presented on a shelf-style display or can be hung depending on your needs! The design of these card holders makes them ideal for use as greeting cards, with space on the inside, to write a message to your chosen recipient.Square envelopes can also be included with these card holders should you wish for your customers to be able to send them as gifts by post. The double-fold design protects the gift card, which is held inside by half-moon slots. The entire holders is adhesive-free, making both the production process and disposal eco-friendly.Measurements:•  Folded size: 96 x 96mmNew York-Style:​​​​​​​The "New York-style gift card holder" showcases a double-fold design that securely holds the gift card in place with its die-cut half-moon slots...
Inc Tax:£25.50
Model: 600-1028
Black Gold Bow Gift Card Holders (Pack of 100)Our elegant Black Gold Bow Single-Fold Gift Card Holders are designed to elevate your gift card display. Inside each holder, you'll find a glued pocket, offering a secure place for your gift card. Getting it in and out is easy ensuring convenience for your customers.Our Gift Card Holders are made using premium quality 350gsm silk finish paper, which not only adds durability but also exudes a luxurious feel.Measurements:•  Dimensions: 120mm x 86mm•  Single-Fold Holder..
Inc Tax:£44.10
Model: 650-1035
Metal Wire 4-Column Counter SpinnerUpgrade your retail display with our innovative rotating wire display rack, designed to showcase gift cards, greeting cards, or even postcards in style.Measurements:•  Holder Size: 184mm x 240mm•  Overall Stand Size: 228mm x 228mm x 738mmPlease be aware that our delivery time frame typically ranges from 7 to 10 working days.Improve your store's aesthetics and organisation with this exceptional counter spinner.Please note that these products are only available whilst stocks last...
Inc Tax:£87.60
Model: 305-4002-G
Gift & Loyalty Cards Window Sticker BundleFor businesses that have a loyalty and gift card scheme, this bundle is ideal for you. This cost-effective sticker bundle can improve the visibility for your in store products allowing you to attract new potential customers. This is great for anyone trying to build on customer loyalty and long term engagement for their cards.These stickers are easy to attach making it a simple way of increasing sales to further benefit the business and your customers. Additionally, this bundle also contains wobblers which can be attached to your till to further entice your customers to buy your cards.Included in this pack:•  x1 gold GIFT static cling window sticker•  x1 gold LOYALTY static cling window sticker•  x2 gold GIFT wobblers•  x2 gold LOYALTY wobblers•  Free Royal Mail 2nd Class postage•  Also available in Blue..
Inc Tax:£9.59
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