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Reward-It have realised that most retailers already have existing smart phones or tablets in use within the business. Our Merchant Scan’r App allows the merchant to download a versatile business loyalty app to convert the device to a mobile card reader. The device simply needs a good quality internal camera and a WIFI connection. The Merchant Scan’r App allows the retailer to quickly register new customers and manage Loyalty and Gift card transactions.


Business Loyalty App Advantages

  • Gather invaluable customer data
  • Build a customer database
  • Form email marketing campaigns based on consumer data
  • Discover buyer insights and trends
  • Provide a more personalised shopping experience

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Works on all Android phones and tablets and Apple iPhones

Key Elements

Same app for Loyalty and Gift Cards

Time Saving

Add points in less than 15 seconds


Use your own device for no additional hardware cost

Adding Points Based On Spend With The Merchant Scan’r App

Adding points based on a customer spend using a business loyalty app is quick and easy. Simply scan the customers card using your devices camera, select the point scheme, and enter the transaction amount.

Record Customer Frequency With The Merchant Scan’r App

Recording a customers frequency is an alternative to adding points that are linked to spend. This is idea in high traffic environments and is a simple operation with the Merchant Scan’r App. Simply select Scan and Go and scan the customers card.

Redeeming Points With The Merchant Scan’r App

Redeeming points from a customers loyalty card using the Merchant Scan’r App is just as quick as adding points. Simply scan the customer’s card using your device’s camera and enter the number of points you wish to redeem under the scheme.

Registering A Customer With The Merchant Scan’r App

Registering a new customers loyalty card with the business Scan’r app only takes a few moments. Collect the customers email address and more details so that you can send targeted and automated emails.

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Customer Search

Everyone forgets their loyalty card from time to time, with the Merchant Scan’r App you can quickly search for your customers and issue points.

Customer Registration

You can quickly register a customer within a few moments with the Merchant Scan’r App. Capturing vital information such as name, email address, date of birth and also gathering permission to add the customer to your mailing list.

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