The Innovative Solution for City and Town Loyalty Rewards Systems

Reward-It has an innovative regional loyalty scheme that rewards customers for supporting their local high street.

The easy-to-use programme encourages local business growth in an efficient way. By collecting data related to customer shopping and spending habits, retailers can optimise their marketing plans, organise events and streamline stock to reduce pressure on other areas of their business.

There’s something in a collaborative city or town ‘shop local’ loyalty card system for everyone. It’s a popular topic among local leaders, shop owners, and communities, and it benefits:

  • Local retailers and transport/logistic services

  • Local employment

  • The city or town centre atmosphere

  • Local business development




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How It Works

With Reward-It’s town/city customer loyalty rewards system, you can roll out a regional business loyalty and marketing programme from one centralised system.

Local businesses agree to participate in the loyalty scheme and local consumers register to use the system. When the consumers spend money with any participating retailer, they earn points that can be redeemed for rewards – the nature of which is up to you.

There is no need to install any additional hardware, as the Scan’r app works with any existing mobile device or till.
Consumers sign up either online, in-store, or via form. You can choose a unique design for your loyalty cards, and every member has an individual barcode or QR code linked to an account number.

Whenever they make purchases in participating stores, all they need to do is have their loyalty card scanned and they’ll collect points.


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Local Economic Growth

Having a ‘shop local’ city/town loyalty scheme stimulates economic growth within the area it serves. Customer retention strategies are approximately three times less costly than marketing to gain new customers, and loyalty systems increase the reach any other marketing schemes.

Having a community loyalty system can increase the overall revenue of the region it covers by 5 – 10%, and members of loyalty schemes spend between 5% and 20% more than non-members. This is a benefit to every retailer that participates in loyalty card schemes like Reward-It’s.

Loyalty schemes also increase the amount and frequency of sales seen by local businesses, as customers who have a reward to work towards spend more often to reach the reward.

When redeemed, customers make additional trips to the town/city to spend the reward and often spend more than the original value, providing an extra source of revenue for local retailers and venue holders, just to name a few.

Having a loyalty card system within the local community also encourages consumers to explore new retailers and try new businesses that they usually wouldn’t.

Local Marketing Data

City and town loyalty card systems are a great marketing tool, as they allow you to collect and view customer data and spending habits.

As participation grows, the system will generate useful reports that allow you to understand how consumers use the region covered by the loyalty card scheme.

You’ll be able to answer frequently asked questions such as:

  • Where do your top customers spend?

  • Are there any customers that haven’t made a purchase recently?

  • How well did your recent marketing campaigns perform?

This provides you with a database of customer information to send email campaigns, as well as setting up an automatic triggered messaging option for registration, birthdays, and points balances. You’ll also be able to generate reports on consumer trends, which in turn helps to streamline and even personalise marketing and loyalty rewards.

Having the ability to record information and customer insights accurately minimises the risk of wasting money on campaigns and events to market local businesses in your city or town, and encourages any future planning.


Reward-It’s community loyalty programme can be rolled out at a regional or even national level. There’s no limit to the amount of retailers that can participate, and if anyone who originally declined happen to change their mind, you can add them to the system easily.

It is entirely scalable to suit your needs, controlled by one single management system in order to prevent any miscommunication and confusion.

In Other Words…

Unsure as to how you’d implement Reward-It’s ‘shop local’ loyalty marketing and customer reward programme? Check out our examples of use below for some ideas.

For more information on our community and council loyalty and marketing programme, please get in touch with one of our experts by calling 020 8266 1600 or by filling out the form below.