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Digital Loyalty Systems

Loyalty schemes are proven to be an effective method of improving customer loyalty and increasing retention rates.

They have a number of benefits for businesses, including tracking customer interactions, encouraging repeat visits, and allowing you to refine and customise your marketing plans to reduce any unnecessary spending.

Customer loyalty schemes can be completely and entirely customised to suit your requirements, no matter the size of your business. That includes the rules on how points are earned, the rewards they can be redeemed for, and even where they can be redeemed to name a few.

It’s entirely run on an online back office, so you can manage it from your computer and see real-time adjustments take place as soon as you’ve made them.

Setting Rewards

Within the cloud-based back office, your loyalty system can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Rewards can be set entirely by you and can be configured to suit your requirements. Choose the products your customers love and offer them as rewards in the way you want – such as the number of points the customer needs to be able to redeem them, the number of times the reward can be redeemed, and the period of time in which rewards can be redeemed.

If you have an online shop, you can set digital rewards by entering a code that can be redeemed on your website.

Adjusting Rules

You can also set points rules that control how points are earned. If you know you have a day of the week where business may not be particularly fast, you can set a rule to award double points to those who make purchases on that day. This encourages footfall into your business and then acquires repeat visits, as customers return to spend the points they have earned.

Rules like this can also be set up to take place on an ad-hoc basis, so if your high street or town is running an event, you can encourage footfall into your shop by offering double points for that weekend only.

You’ll also be able to view an in-depth analytical dashboard, where you can see the total amount of points given to customers, the number of points that have been redeemed for reward, and the average purchase amount just to name a few.

Loyalty App Features

With Reward-It’s digital loyalty scheme, there are two apps: one for businesses, and one for customers.

The customer app offers a range of features that are beneficial to both customers and businesses, as registered retailers have their very own shop page. On their shop page, they can include a brief description of their business and list the rewards that customers can claim.

The shop page also includes the option to sign up to your marketing emails, and any announcements that you may have – such as business updates or special offers.

Customers that are a member of your loyalty scheme can view the total amount of points they have already earned and how close they are to being able to redeem rewards. If you have set digital rewards, customers can visit your shop page on the app and claim the reward in that moment.

As customers sign up with a unique email address, their account can be accessed via the customer app. As well as having an overview of your shop, they’ll also have a digital loyalty card that features a QR code that can be scanned at the point of purchase to earn points. This can be used in tandem with a physical card, so it’s ideal for times when a customer may forget their card.

Businesses can use the app on an existing mobile or tablet device, meaning there’s no hidden costs for additional hardware. On the mobile app, all you need to do is scan your customer’s QR code and input their purchase amount, and the points will automatically add to their account. If they’d like to claim a reward after they have added these points, you can do so by clicking on the list of rewards on your app.

We recommend using the business app with a customer-facing tablet on your shop counter. You can set up slides containing images or text that run throughout the day, advertising your services. Customers who have made a purchase can then press a button on the tablet’s screen and scan their own card to add points.

There are also additional security features such as point limits and PIN numbers that allow you, the business owner, to control the points given out to customers.

Loyalty Scheme Benefits

Loyalty schemes offer a number of benefits, including:

  • Forming an emotional connection between business and customer
  • Collects consumer data that can be used to create customised marketing plans and decrease unnecessary spend
  • Improves footfall rates as people visit your business and then return to spend their points
  • Incentivise customers by offering member-only discounts

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