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Custom Gift Cards 

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Gift Card Printing and Systems 

Reward-it Gift Card Systems offer complete out of the box solutions for managing a gift card program. There is no need for EPOS integration (unless required) as the Reward-It Web Terminal or Merchant Scan’r App can activate and load value in seconds utilising existing hardware. Reward-It gift cards can be reloadable and used for cashless payments or as a saving club card. Alternatively the card can have a fixed expiry date. All transaction data is viewable in the back office in real time. Float reports and transaction reports can be generated in a couple of clicks. It’s the perfect way to issue and manage gift cards for your customer base.

The annual revenue spent on gift cards in the UK is around £4bn. Approximately 50% of this given as personal gifts and the rest as business-to-business. Virtually all major UK high street brands have a gift card program. The benefits are well documented and often described as the “win win” product for merchant and customer.

If you are looking to improve your existing customer’s interaction, then check out our loyalty card systems.

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Benefits For Merchants


  • Increase in sales – Gift cards are easy to display and market in store, giving additional sales of up to 50% in comparison with vouchers
  • Extra revenue – on average people spend 20% more than the card’s original value
  • Gain extra customers – typically your customers buy gift cards for their friends/family, giving you a new stream of customers
  • Improve Cash Flow – there are significant cash flow benefits as money is taken ‘up front’
  • Earn interest on each card – from the time of purchase to the time of use
  • Extra profits – Benefit from the ‘float’ of unused money on Electronic Gift cards
  • Less discounts – gift cards avoid the need to offer discounts which can add to the retailer’s profitability
  • Reduced costs – no need to print vouchers and gift cards can be re-used many times
  • Avoid theft and fraud – gift cards are issued and validated at time of purchase and contain security features to minimise theft and fraud
  • Less admin – and simpler to run than paper vouchers
  • Know your liabilities – Real-time system that gives financial accounting by way of summary and transaction reports
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Benefits Of Gift Cards For Customer

  • Convenience – Gift cards offer flexibility allowing the recipient to choose a gift to their liking
  • Save time – A quick way to make the purchase
  • Correct Size – Avoiding size, colour, model guess work
  • Security – Value token spent on appropriate gift.
  • Easy present – Great if you don’t know what to buy someone
  • Send – Easy to post to recipient
  • Insurance – Can be replaced if lost

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Of customers spend more than the value of their gift card