The Gift of Local Spending


Local gift card solutions offer a number of benefits to authorities, businesses, and consumers. As the pandemic has seen levels of footfall plummeting on high streets everywhere, taking steps to boost the local economy is a priority.

With an e-wallet solution that covers an entire region, you can ensure consumer spend remains within the area under your local authority, benefitting retailers, hospitality, and leisure venues alike. This promotes your area to people who may choose to go elsewhere otherwise, and increases footfall. You can even encourage consumers to keep returning by investing in a regional loyalty card programme to go alongside gift card e-wallets.

Reward-It’s digital dashboard allows each retailer to see real-time analytics, such as gift cards issued, gift cards redeemed, outstanding gift cards, and much more.

With Reward-It’s regional gift card solution, you can offer gift cards to your consumers in two ways: digitally and physically.

Physical gift cards allow you to design the card to suit your branding. With printed QR codes, all you need to do is scan the unique code on the gift card with your in-store mobile device and input the amount the customer wants to redeem. If the transaction is less than the gift card’s value, the remaining balance can be used in future transactions.

Printed plastic gift cards can be presented in carriers or wallets. There are two types, depending on your needs. Standard gift card holders are printed with generic designs, perfect for gifting on occasions such as birthdays, Christmas or other special occasions. If you’re looking for a bespoke solution, custom printed gift card carriers can match the design of your gift card or your shop’s branding.

Physical gift cards are also reusable, so you can reload a customer’s gift card time and time again.

Digital gift cards offer a mobile solution that allows consumers to carry their gift cards in their phone. With Reward-It’s digital gift card widget, you can make regional e-gift cards available on participating retailers’ websites. By adding a single line of code, you can start selling digital gift cards instantly online – and the widget can be designed to match your or the retailer’s branding.

Gift cards will be sent to the recipient in an email containing a QR code, with the option of adding a personalised message. The recipient then shows the email when they make a transaction at a participating shop, and it can be redeemed in the same way as a traditional card.


Gift cards are a popular solution amongst many retailers. They help to increase sales with little input from the shop owner, as they’re easy to display and market in-store. Traditional paper vouchers often have to be hidden out of site to avoid theft, but plastic cards negate this risk as they have no value until the card is activated. Transferring from paper gift vouchers to plastic gift cards provides additional sales of up to 50%.

Regional gift cards will also increase footfall whilst helping you gain new customers to your area, as the customers that regularly shop in your high street are likely to buy gift cards for their friends and family. Gift cards provide retailers with an additional £16 per £100 spent, as an average of 72% of gift card users spend 20% more than the gift card’s original value.

And during uncertain times, your high street will still have an opportunity to bring money in whilst reassuring consumers, as they have more places to spend their gift cards than just a singular shop.

Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it for businesses to register to sell regional gift cards?
It’s very easy for businesses to register to sell regional gift cards. You can register online in a couple of clicks – all you need to do is create an account. It really is that simple!
Can gift cards be purchased online as well as in-store?
Once the regional loyalty scheme has been set up, gift cards can be purchased online and in-store. With Reward-It’s helpful digital platform, consumers can access two kinds of gift cards: physical and digital.

Physical gift cards are purchased and exchanged in-store like traditional gift cards.

Digital gift cards are purchased from a participating retailer’s website and sent to customers via email. The recipient simply presents the email containing their QR code to be scanned when making a purchase in-store.

How long does it take to get the regional gift card programme up and running?
If the participating retailer has a website, they can start offering digital gift cards almost instantly after the gift card programme has been set up! Physical gift cards need to be designed and printed, so it will take a bit longer before you can start offering them to your customers.
How do I offer digital gift cards on my website?
Reward-It offers a gift card widget through our loyalty platform, so each retailer can easily add it to their existing website. The widget allows customers to purchase and send digital gift cards, along with other helpful features such as newsletter sign ups and loyalty points redemptions.
Do gift cards have an expiry date?
Yes, and the local authority can set an own expiry date for the regional gift cards. We recommend setting the expiry date for a minimum of 12 months.
Is the gift card programme secure?
The gift card programme is extremely secure. Each retailer will have exclusive access to their own gift card account, and digital regional gift cards can only be used once. A unique code is generated for each recipient, which makes it almost impossible for gift cards to be replicated.
Are there any additional costs for customers when they purchase or redeem gift cards?
There are no additional costs from Reward-It, so if the customer purchases a £25 gift card, then they’ll get £25 value to spend in participating shops.

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