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Pet Food and Pet Store Loyalty Programs

With the number of competitors in the market, it can be difficult for small and medium-sized independent pet shops to stand out from the crowd.

To keep people returning to your business time and time again, you need to provide a positive experience from the moment they step into your shop right until they complete their transaction. Each good interaction builds a level of trust that a customer has for your business.

Having the trust and loyalty mentioned above between your business and your customers is critical, as research shows that 83% of consumers would only recommend a company that they trusted.

Pet store loyalty programs

To ensure the good relationship continues, introducing a loyalty scheme is a low-risk and a high-reward way to show your customers that you appreciate them. It’s scalable and editable, so you can change certain elements to suit your business’s requirements.

The loyalty scheme is set up to award customers points every time they spend money with your shop. You can set rewards, including what the reward is and how many points each customer needs to redeem it. You can even set limits, so customers can only claim the reward once or during a certain time period.

The scheme runs on any mobile or tablet device, so you don’t have to pay out for any expensive hardware upfront. To fully maximise the scheme, we recommend using a customer-facing tablet that’s set up on your shop counter, allowing customers to scan their own cards. This reduces the need for any further work from you or your employees.

Customers collect one point for every £1 they spend with your business as standard, although this can be changed. You can set up your scheme to run on a points per visit basis, where customers scan their card once and receive a set amount of points no matter how much they spend, or you can even offer double points on certain days of the week where business is slower than usual, to increase footfall.

You can see all of the statistics from your pet store loyalty program in the handy all-in-one analytical dashboard included with your scheme. On the dashboard, you can see several statistics, including how many points your customers have earned, how many they have exchanged for rewards, and an average purchase amount, to name a few.

Printed plastic loyalty cards can be branded to suit your business, and they act as an effective word-of-mouth marketing tool. We offer loyalty cards with a range of print finishes and features, so you can achieve the look you desire.

Brand Loyalty for Pet Food and Accessories

If you’re a brand of pet food or accessories that holds stock across many independent businesses, you may find it difficult to compete with other brands on the same shelves.

With Reward-It’s brand loyalty solution, you can ensure that pet owners keep purchasing your products, no matter which store they visit.

Our staged credits feature allows you to create QR codes that can be scanned to enable customers to earn points when they buy your products. The number of points you offer per QR code is entirely up to you, and you can create as many codes as needed per batch.

Once you have created the codes using our simple online generator, you can simply incorporate them onto your product’s packaging. This is usually placed on the inside of your packaging or on a card that is placed into your product so that customers cannot access the code until the product has been opened.

 All customers need to scan your QR codes and earn points is the dedicated customer loyalty app on their smartphone. Each code can only be scanned once, so you don’t need to worry about customers reusing codes. The points will be added to their account, ready to redeem for the rewards you set.

You can set rewards in the same way as a regular pet store loyalty programme. Add your customers’ favourite products or other items, such as branded promotional materials, as rewards, and set the number of points required to redeem the rewards. All your customers need to do is find your program on the dedicated customer app, redeem the reward they want, and show it the next time they’re in a shop that stocks your brand.

As an alternative, you can offer online rewards. To do so, you need to create a batch of codes that can be used to redeem certain products on your website.

The collection of points and exchanging them for rewards works in the same way, but when the customer redeems the reward on the app, they will receive an email containing a unique code that can be used on your online store.

Having a brand loyalty program allows you to monitor sales and view statistics even when you’re not personally selling your products.

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Pet Shop Marketing

As you collect customer information such as email addresses and preferences, you’ll be able to build an email marketing database. This includes custom fields, so you can add information to segment your contacts – such as whether the person owns a cat or a dog. This reduces the risk of customers receiving emails that aren’t relevant to them.

You can create emails entirely personalised to your brand with the easy drag-and-drop builder. With one-off campaigns, you can send information such as product updates, business information, special offers, and more. You can even set up automated campaigns to offer your customers a treat on their anniversary of signing up to your scheme or to encourage them to return if they haven’t visited your shop for a while.

Email marketing is a proven method of retaining customers, with 80% of small to medium-sized businesses believing that email marketing is responsible for most of their business’s customer retention.

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