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Plastic Card Printing

Plastic cards are versatile, durable, and customisable to fit a variety of uses for retailers.

We offer high-quality custom plastic card printing that allows you to create custom plastic cards tailored to your business.

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Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards deliver a variety of benefits to retailers. One of the biggest benefits is they increase customer retention as consumers feel valued and make repeat purchases to achieve a reward. Loyalty cards are a cost-effective method to increase sales, give you an edge over competitors, and improve your brand’s trustworthiness.

Plastic Gift Cards

Gift cards help retailers to increase sales while building relationships with customers. Throughout the year, the number of sales fluctuates, particularly in January, for example. After Christmas when fewer people are purchasing products, plastic gift cards are a solution as they encourage customers to return and make a purchase.

They’re one of the most popular gifts and when people spend their gift cards they’re likely to buy other items as well.

Stacked coloured cards

Plain Plastic Cards

Plain cards are versatile tools that can be used throughout a retailer’s shop floor. They can be used as hygienic, durable, and high-quality price signs that display important information to customers. Plastic cards can also be used as a blank canvas to highlight any offers or promotions your store is offering.

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Printed card types

1. Choose card type

Choose what type of card you need. Gift cards, loyalty cards, or something else? Pick from a range of sizes, types and colours.

Additional card features

2. Add additional features

Add features such as signature strips, scratch-off panels or magnetic stripes to your cards. We can produce technology cards to work with your existing system.


3. Finalise design

Send over your own artwork, or let us produce it for you. Either way, we’ll send over a proof of your artwork for approval before we begin card printing. We’ll keep your design on our system for easy reordering.

Reward-It shipping

4. We’ll print and ship

We’ll print and ship your printed cards within your chosen lead time. All of our products undergo quality assurance checks before shipping. 

YouniQue Clothing retail loyalty card

Plastic Gift Cards

Gift card sales introduce an entirely new source of revenue, with amazing profit margins! They’ll also help to strengthen your brand and attract new business. Find out more and make an enquiry below.

YouniQue Clothing retail loyalty card

Plastic Loyalty Cards

We’ll work with you to create loyalty cards tailored to your business, with a focus on increasing customer loyalty and spend frequency. Our loyalty cards are used successfully by independents and national chains alike.

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