Designing your printed gift cards

No one knows your business the way you do. By having the control over the design and look of your own gift cards, you get to secure the look and feel of your brand onto a tangible product that will sit with your existing customers (and new customers – as your existing ones buy your gift cards for your friends and family) and offers a glimpse of what your products and services are like.

A gift card acts as word-of-mouth marketing, as either the buyer is personally recommending your company to their friends and family, or the receiver is a big enough advocate of your brand to want a gift card as a present.

Designing your own gift cards and having your own control over the exact look of them is a huge benefit for your business and branding.

Benefits of gift cards

People love gift cards. Gift cards are an entirely positive experience, whether it is giving or receiving. From a customer’s point of view, a gift card eliminates the risk of buying the wrong item for their loved one and gives them a shopping experience further down the line. It is also a fantastic way for consumers who are loyal to a brand to introduce their friends and family to that brand.

Businesses benefit from introducing a gift card programme to their customers. It is a great ‘catch-all’ method for consumers who do not know what gift is best to buy and can buy something last minute! Whether it’s Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, or any other special occasion, a gift card is a great way to generate income all year round.

The financial benefits to a business are also one of many great reasons to implement gift cards for your business. Whilst it is easy to assume that it’s only one spend (the value of the gift card), 72% of gift card users spend 20% more than the original value of their gift card. This is approximately another £16 for every £100 spent, meaning your business makes more profit from gift cards than originally sold.

It is estimated that around 6% of all value on gift cards goes unused – meaning that the original money spent purchasing the card never gets redeemed. This is counted as 100% profit for your business.

Gift cards can also be used as a customer service option, if necessary, for any negative experiences your customers report, or in place of refund. This ensures spend remains within the business.

Gift cards as branding

Rather than settling with a corporate design, if you design your own gift card, you have control over the look and feel of the card.

A gift card, by its very nature, is a way for your brand to be passed from one person to another. Whether the giver or receiver is a loyal consumer, there is an opportunity to acquire new customers or raise awareness of your brand. In short, every gift card provides you the opportunity of winning two customers and increases footfall to your business.

By producing a physical printed gift card, it becomes an advertising tactic for your tactic and a regular reminder of your brand that sits on the recipient – a reminder that only has a positive perception.

By designing your own gift card, you have a total control over your brand identity with the understanding that each gift card offers a unique, positive brand experience – you can completely dictate the image that your consumers have of your brand, maximising your sales opportunities.A selection of gift card designs.

Card holders

Creating custom gift cards

Gift card design does not stop with the artwork. Design also considers the material that the card is made from.

Traditionally, businesses have used paper gift cards – however, these were easily lost, damaged, or forged. In addition, paper does not have a resiliency that is suited for regular handling, and it has a substantial risk of wear and tear.

In the modern era, plastic has replaced paper when it comes to gift cards. By choosing plastic for your gift cards, you are choosing longevity for your card. Plastic cards offer rich printed colours on a material that will not suffer the wear and tear of over repeated handling.

Plastic cards also offer a much higher level of security as they are harder to forge and have the option of holograms for an extra layer of security

By using a quality material, you provide a tangible reminder that your brand is one of quality. It is important to ensure that this reminder is continually at a high level.

Beauty gift card

Cost of producing gift cards

Producing your own gift cards does not have to cost a fortune. Depending on the complexity of your design, whether you want to add a magnetic strip, scratch off panel or other print processes, the price can increase. However you decide you want your design, implementing a gift card system will pay for itself very quickly. You can purchase a printed gift card from as little as 18p.

There are many options when it comes to printing and designing your own gift cards, and they can be printed to suit any existing system – or you can start using Reward-It’s gift card management software from as little as £45 per month. It really is down to you as to how much of an investment you are willing to make as you start your journey into offering gift cards.

To discuss your gift card requirements, please get in touch with a member of our expert team so we can help you to meet your requirements.

Can you create your own gift cards?

The short answer is yes! It is incredibly easy to create and design your own gift card, however it is as important to ensure that your design is taken as seriously as all other branding for your business. A gift card offers a unique opportunity to get your brand into people’s homes, pockets and purses, and it becomes the tangible reminder of your business. This means that it is vital to keep that positive relationship that the customer has with your business, the gift, and the original buyer of the gift card.

Ensure that you get your artwork and design is correct with no mistakes before you commit to printing.

We can also help! We offer a design service alongside our printing service, so you can work with us to customise your design to your own brand specifications. Our in-house experts can handle the tricky details of card printing so that you can focus on your business.

To get a feel for our printed plastic cards, you can request a free sample pack here.

Gift cards are a low-cost and high reward item that increases brand awareness, customer loyalty, customer awareness and profit to your business. There is a very low risk of theft and forgery when it comes choosing plastic printed gift cards, as they are activated at the point of sale and worthless up until that point.

Highly secure and highly profitable – designing your own gift cards is a necessity in modern retail!

For more information about the gift card printing process, please get in touch with a member of expert team.