Introducing a sustainable loyalty solution to a forward-thinking fashion brand

Casual Chic, a clothing brand founded in 2012, offers its customers a new, unique style that was ideal for all walks of life – including every day wear and evening essentials – at a low cost.

With its sustainably sourced garments and second-hand items, the main focus of the brand was to remain accessible, good quality, and most of all, value for money. This was a crucial aspect of the business since its early days, and Casual Chic were looking for a solution that would allow them to reward customers whilst still remaining sustainable.

Improving customer satisfaction and retention

The most important thing to the team at Casual Chic was to treat customers the way they would want to be treated – and that included being rewarded for their loyalty. The retail store wanted to ensure were happy after making a purchase, and therefore returned as a happy customer.

Offering an incentive was the ideal solution, and Reward-It’s loyalty solution was the ideal way to facilitate that.

By offering points on the purchase that had been made, the customer was left with a sense of achievement and felt that their loyalty had been rewarded. They also had a reason to return, as they could now build on the points they had already saved or redeem them for rewards that Casual Chic had set.

This also helped to create higher customer retention rates for the business, an aim that was set to improve revenue.

Sustainable loyalty system

Casual Chic’s sustainable mission was a key element in choosing Reward-It’s loyalty system, as their customers did not have to use a PVC loyalty card to collect their points. Instead, a handy mobile app allowed them to have a digital loyalty card saved to their phone. Casual Chic also invested in 2,000 printed durable paper loyalty cards, with each member having a unique QR code that allowed them to use their paper card and their mobile card on the same account.

Impact of introducing a customer loyalty solution

Casual Chic found that their loyalty system was a massive hit amongst customers, and saw a drastic retention rate of 74% compared to its previous 27%. With over 2,000 loyalty members signing up in the first three months alone, the business used the loyalty solution to not only reward their customers, but also to contact them with marketing emails, promotions, and business updates.

The main benefit of Reward-It’s loyalty solution is its flexibility and extensive capabilities. Casual Chic used the customisable features to create custom rewards and a branded app alongside its marketing platform. Using the marketing platform built into the software meant that they did not have to pay for any additional solutions, whilst still being able to promote Casual Chic with entirely branded materials.

Since introducing Reward-It’s loyalty solution six months ago, Casual Chic has rewarded almost 3,000 members with over 900,000 points, and 290,000 points have been redeemed.