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09 Jul Top 10 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
Lucy 0 157
hen you run a small business, you need to get the word out to really begin to see customers coming through your doors. Market..
06 Jul Top 5 Gift Card Design Tips
Lucy 0 172
Implementing a gift card system can have a number of benefits for your business. They add a new stream of customers that you ..
02 Jul Retail Marketing Through Promotions and Offers
Lucy 0 159
If you run a retail business, you’ll understand the importance of marketing your products and services. Having an attractive,..
29 Jun Top 8 Ways To Incentivise Customers
Lucy 0 361
When you run a business, your main focus is on giving your customers the best service possible. Happy customers are the key t..
25 Jun Encouraging Customer Spend via Loyalty Points
Lucy 0 159
Once you have set up your customer loyalty scheme, you’ll begin to see people signing up and then collecting points and redee..
21 Jun How Does Having A Customer Loyalty Scheme Benefit Your Business?
Lucy 0 186
As a retailer, you’re more than aware how long the hours can be. It’s not just the stockkeeping and the finances – it’s the ..
17 Jun Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts of Email Marketing
Lucy 0 166
Email marketing is a huge asset to your business, and it’s made easy by the fact your customer loyalty scheme supplies you wi..
13 Jun Turning First Time Customers Into Repeat Customers
Lucy 0 177
There are plenty of businesses that offer the same thing as yours, and your customers have the pick of the bunch. You need to..
11 Jun Top 5 Loyalty Card Design Tips
Lucy 0 213
Loyalty card systems are a perfect way to retain customers and reward them for being a repeat customer. They’re also great to..
08 Jun Collecting Consumer Data
Lucy 0 223
Collecting customer data can be beneficial to both retailers and the people who shop with them. Research by McKinsey & Compa..
04 Jun Successfully Designing Your Loyalty Scheme
Lucy 0 162
The success of your loyalty system is dependent on how you decide to design it. There are plenty of options for you to choose..
26 May How Does Having A Loyalty Card Benefit The Customer & The Business?
Lucy 0 199
Customer loyalty is one of the biggest elements that contributes to the success of your business. Customer retention is up to..
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