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25 May Presenting and Displaying Your Gift Cards In-Store
Lucy 0 137
Once you’ve set up your gift card system, the next big step is to get them flying off the shelves. But for that to happen you..
21 May Top 10 Tips to Maximise the Success of Your Loyalty and Gift Schemes
Lucy 0 204
If you’re a retailer with a customer rewards scheme or gift card system in place, you’ll know how important it is to take eve..
18 May Your Easy Guide to Email Marketing
Lucy 0 200
Email marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing, and there’s a reason for that. It offers a direct line of cont..
06 May The Importance of Building Customer Loyalty
Lucy 0 198
Customer loyalty impacts all facets of your retail business. Keeping your customers happy and ensuring they keep coming back ..
21 Apr We are collaborating with Tree-Nation!
Lucy 0 177
We are glad to announce that we’re currently partnering with Tree-Nation to support the global tree-planting charity in its m..
05 Feb Why You Should Outsource Your Loyalty Card Printing
Lucy 0 204
Any small to medium-sized retailer should always be looking at methods to attract and retain customers. By offering eye-catch..
21 Jan Increasing Footfall and Building Customer Loyalty
Lucy 0 165
If your customer footfall marketing attracts shoppers into your store but they never return, you need to amend your retail ma..
07 Jan Boost Retail Sales with Marketing Outside Your Store
Lucy 0 173
Good retail footfall marketing has always begun outside shops, but since the pandemic, this has become more important than ev..
04 Dec Switching to Prepaid Plastic Gift Cards Doubled Revenue Stream and Increased Security
Lucy 0 142
Introduction Maidenhead Aquatics is a leading UK fishkeeping retailer with more than 800 dedicated staff across 160 stores. ..
30 Nov How to Increase Gift Card Sales in Retail
Lucy 0 155
A study by First Data showed that 51% of people were encouraged to visit a shop more often when they have been given a gift c..
15 Oct 6 Tips to Building Customer Loyalty
Lucy 0 167
How to Grow Your Loyalty Program If you managed to find the right company, setting up a loyalty program can be fairly quick ..
17 Sep Norfolk Passport: A Swift Gift Card System Replacement for Hotels and Restaurants
Lucy 0 150
Introduction Norfolk Passport is a free-to-join membership programme giving subscribers exclusive perks across Norfolk’s tou..
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