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Compact 4-Tier Gift Card Display Stand

Compact 4-Tier Gift Card Display Stand
Compact 4-Tier Gift Card Display Stand
Part Number: 650-1000-WH

Environmentally friendly 4-Tier Card Display Stand, made from 75% recycled materials, offers durability and customisation options with optional header boards.

•  Versatile Usage
•  Cost-Effective
•  Easy to Customise

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Compact 4-Tier Card Display Stand

Our Compact 4-Tier Card Display Stand is crafted from 75% recycled materials. These stands not only promote environmental sustainability but also ensure full recyclability. They are designed for enduring durability with proper maintenance. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose whether to include or omit optional header boards, allowing you to tailor your marketing messages to your specific needs

Features and Measurements:

•  Pocket dimensions: 12" (304mm) wide, 2" (50mm) deep
•  The first tier has a 2" (52mm) front lip, while other tiers have a 1.5" (38mm) lip
•  1.8" (46mm) rise between tiers, ensuring visibility of products in the top three tiers
•  Individually boxed for convenience

Overall Stand Size:

•  Width: 12.3" (313mm)
•  Height without header board: 10.7" (271mm)
•  Height with header board: 17.7" (450mm)
•  Depth: 9.0" (230mm)

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