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Season's Greetings Gift Card Holders (Pack of 25)

Season's Greetings Gift Card Holders (Pack of 25)
Season's Greetings Gift Card Holders (Pack of 25)
Part Number: 305-1650-CCHR

Elevate your holiday sales with our festive gift card holders. Featuring a premium silk finish, they're perfect for POS displays. Choose adhesive euro slots for shelf or hanging options, seamlessly integrating into your store layout. 

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Season's Greetings Gift Card Holders – Pack of 25

Our Christmas-themed gift card holders feature a premium silk finish and are designed to shine on your point-of-sale (POS) displays. You can choose to add an adhesive euro slot, allowing you to place them on a shelf-style POS display or hang them up depending on your requirements which ensures they fit seamlessly into your store's layout. 

Our holders are designed with a greeting card concept in mind. Inside, there's plenty of space for you to write a message to the receiver and we offer square envelopes to accompany these holders which allows your customers to send them as gifts in the mail. 

Our double-fold design provides protection with the cards securely held in place by convenient half-moon slots. Plus, we're proud to say that our holders are entirely adhesive-free, making both the production process and disposal eco-friendly. It's easy to stock up on gift cards by adding them to your basket.

Make a lasting impression with our festive gift card holders this season.


•  Folded size: 96 x 96mm

New York-Style:

The "New York-style gift card holder" showcases a double-fold design that securely holds the gift card in place with its die-cut half-moon slots.

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