How to Boost Sales With Shop Window Design

December 23rd, 2020 | Retail News

If you own a brick-and-mortar shop, your best retail marketing plan starts with increasing customer footfall and getting more customers through your door.

Since the pandemic began, customers just want to select, collect and pay wherever possible. This minimises the time they spend in your shop. Customer footfall statistics have changed: each person entering your premises is less likely to browse because they’re concerned about being inside a shop while Covid-19 is at large.

The battle to boost sales starts outside, with footfall marketing from your shop window design.

Window dressing design

How to increase footfall with shop window dressing

Make sure your window grabs the attention of high-street shoppers, otherwise you’ll miss potential impulse sales. The overall appearance of your shop, inside and out, needs to overcome consumers’ hesitation to enter. You have less than seven seconds to make a first impression to potential new customers passing your shop window display design.

Boost sales by improving your shop window designs

Your retail window displays need to turn heads and communicate the delights you have in stock. Any retail marketing guru will tell you that stories sell, so think about how you could tell a story in your shop window design.

A well-designed shop window improves sales – and therefore footfall – by triggering curiosity, or an emotional reaction, or even a ‘eureka’ moment if you’re selling something that solves a common problem. Shelves crammed full of products are completely ineffective as retail marketing displays.

So, how do you tell a story in a shop window design? Every retailer and locality will be slightly different; however, these examples might inspire your inner shop window designer:

  • Basing a garden centre’s or florist’s window design on a fairy garden attracts a new audience without jeopardising your existing customers’ preferences.
  • Pictures of local farms and farmers in butcher’s windows help consumers to imagine the happy, healthy life the livestock has experienced.
  • A Mad Hatter’s tea party table in a bakery would appeal to many different groups, including parents and children.
  • An armchair surrounded by open children’s Christmas presents, with a tree decorated with toys, would make most shoppers imagine happy young faces – perhaps their own children or grandchildren.
  • A shop selling household wares in a historic town could use curtain or upholstery fabrics with traditional English designs and textures as backdrops for products.

Including a story in your retail displays increases the appeal of your shop – and footfall. It helps you stand out and sends out the message that you have thoughtful staff and have something slightly different to offer. It distinguishes you from your competition in most localities and boosts impulse sales.

Christmas display in shop window

The power of making shoppers smile

During the pandemic, anything that makes people smile and makes them forget about Covid-19 and the new restrictions on shoppers will be welcome. Can you come up with a shop window design or story that makes people smile? Better still, can you appeal to children? We’ve all seen parents being dragged towards shop windows that appeal to young imaginations.

These are true stories to help illustrate how it works:

  • The introduction of a toy car large enough for young children to sit in boosted sales in a high-street hairdressing salon that was surrounded by competitors. Parents and children were able to see the car through the shop window.
  • A florist added a large fairy garden in a basket’ to its shop window. This created a new product line, and the baskets were popular as birthday presents for primary-aged children.

Salon with kids car to attract business from parents

Apply the basic rules of shop window dressing design

To improve sales, remind yourself of the fundamental rules of retail window display design:

  • Include a product or group of products that act as a focal point to draw the eye.
  • Your focal point should be at eye level.
  • Your focal point needs to be a head-turner.
  • Help your focal point stand out by adding movement, e.g. a windmill or a hanging decoration with a cleverly positioned fan.
  • Do you need customers to see the inside of your shop through your window, or do you need to use full or partial backdrops (e.g. drapes or balloons) to make your window display stand out?
  • Regularly clean your window and everything within it.
  • Regularly clean everything that surrounds your window (e.g. exterior ledges, awnings, mats, doorframes, planters, signage).
  • If you sell gift cards, add a sign saying so to your window. View our range of shop window display stickers.

These crucial shop window design tips have stood the test of time and are a cost-effective way to boost sales.

Gift cards available window sticker for shops

Do you need more retail marketing hints and tips?

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Written by Lucy Wenham

Lucy is a customer loyalty expert, with experience in loyalty schemes for small independent stores, right through to our town and city-wide loyalty schemes.

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