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Mini Mag II Card Reader

Mini Mag II Card Reader
Mini Mag II Card Reader
Part Number: 400-1001

The MiniMag II Card Reader is your reliable USB card swiper for gift and loyalty cards. It decodes three magnetic stripe tracks, fits securely on any surface, and offers flexible cable placement options.

•  Efficient Card Swiping
•  Secure Installation
•  Versatile and Flexible

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Mini Mag II Card Reader

The MiniMag II Card Reader is the perfect choice to swipe your gift and loyalty cards, it’s USB connectivity and adeptness at decoding up to three tracks of magnetic stripe data make it a steadfast companion.

Designed with loyalty in mind, the MiniMag II boasts a secure housing, allowing it to snugly fit to a desktop or counter using either threaded inserts or velcro, ensuring your commitment to security. Its generous 6-meter cable and two versatile cable placement options make it a great choice for any retail environment.


•  Dimensions: 90mm x 34mm x 28mm
•  Weight: 130g


•  6 Meter Cable
•  Lifespan of 1,000,000
•  3 to 60 seconds bidirectional swipe speed
•  Three-colour LED indicator ​​​​​​​​​​

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