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MiniMag Duo Reader

MiniMag Duo Reader

The MiniMag Duo Reader is an intelligent and programmable device designed to elevate your gift and loyalty programs. This reader effortlessly captures up to three tracks of vital information with a single swipe, in both directions, making transactions and points-building swift and efficient. To keep you informed, it's equipped with a beeper and a tri-colour LED indicator that signals successful or unsuccessful reads.

With the MiniMag Duo Reader you can tailor the data format and intelligent interface output to perfectly align with your specific application and communication requirements. 


•  Dimensions: 127mm x 52mm x 35mm
•  Weight: 134g


•  Reads both magnetic stripe and barcode media
•  Metal base can be securely mounted with cable exits from side, end, or bottom
•  Dual-sided MagStripe head versions option
•  Swipe speeds from 3 to 60 IPS

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