Blocking and Unblocking Cards Via PASS

April 13th, 2016 | Gift & Loyalty


If a registered member of your loyalty scheme informs you that their card that has been lost or stolen, you can easily block it within the back office of PASS.

Simply log into PASS and navigate through to the ‘Points’ section.

Once in ‘Points’, find the ‘Cards’ tab and click that.

If necessary, you can search for the account holder via their card number or the name their card is registered under.

Once you’ve found the card you’re looking for, click to highlight it and then press ‘Block’.


If your customer suddenly finds their lost card, it’s just as easy to unblock it.

Log into PASS and go to ‘Points’, then click the ‘Cards’ tab as above.

Find the card you need, click to highlight it, and then press ‘Activate’.

The status of the card is visible in the second tab of the row.

You can also check if any unauthorised transactions were made when the card was lost. To replace a lost loyalty card, follow this guide.

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