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Benefits of Digital Loyalty Card Systems

August 5th, 2020 | Gift & Loyalty

To answer the question of why your business needs a digital loyalty card system, you have to know the answers to another question. What can a loyalty card do for your business? The answer is, it will create loyal customers who will return to your company time and time again. This will not only deliver you a high return on your investment (ROI) but also will create people loyal to your business who will promote your brand.

Now you understand what you can achieve implementing business loyalty card schemes, how are digital loyalty cards different? Let’s explore the benefits of using digital loyalty cards as part of your business. But first, what are the differences between conventional loyalty cards and digital loyalty cards?

What Are Digital Loyalty Cards?

We live in a technological age. If your business is thriving and growing, you have the opportunity to modernise and increase your profits further. With a digital loyalty card, you can update and improve your customers’ experiences. As the merchant, you’re able to manage this form of loyalty card using an App. This makes using and processing a loyalty card simple and easy.

At Reward It, our digital loyalty cards modernise the tried and tested methods of loyalty cards. Instead of stamping numerous different cards, all you have to do is scan your customer’s single loyalty card. The merchant can then also manage the cards (i.e. add points/money) on the App. Using our merchant web terminal solution and app, you can easily manage and generate returning, loyal customers, whatever industry you’re in.

So what are the benefits of being able to manage loyalty cards digitally? Below are some of the main reasons to implement these digital solutions with your loyalty scheme.

Benefits of Digital Loyalty Cards

The great thing about any loyalty scheme is it has benefits for both your business and your customers. This is how they’re able to work. By providing benefits for your customers you can increase your profits with returning, loyal customers. Here are some advantages digital cards have over traditional options:

Easier to Organise

If you have to use physical stamps and multiple cards over time, it’s easy for problems to occur. A loyalty card is not going to benefit your business or your customers if a card is lost or stamps miscounted. Using digital solutions, such as the merchant web terminal and app, lets you keep things simple. The merchant app allows you to organise, manage, update, and issue loyalty cards quickly and efficiently.

customer using a gift card at the store counter

Faster to Use

One of the main points of modernisation is to make things faster and easier to use. Using digital solutions on your merchants’ phones is perfect for small retailers. It’s an affordable and efficient way to manage your customers’ points after a quick scan of their loyalty card. If a customer forgets their loyalty card, you can use the customer search function to find their profile on the app and issue their points. This is an example of how you can improve your customer’s experiences. The happier your customer is when they leave, the more likely they are to return.

Deliver Specific Offers

Being able to set up a digital profile for your customers is simple using a merchant app. This is beneficial for both you and your customers as you can send them relevant offers for things they want, and they then purchase from your business. With a merchant app, you can set up your customers on a mailing list. Over time, you can build your mailing list into a sustainable and highly profitable aspect of your business.

At Reward It, we offer unique loyalty card systems that are made for your business. This could include a points-based loyalty scheme or a subscription model. Our team understands every business is different. The right digital loyalty cards will be different for every business, that’s why our team will work with you to implement the best scheme for your company.

To find out more about why your business needs our digital loyalty cards, get in touch with our team today.

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Written by Lucy Wenham

Lucy is a customer loyalty expert, with experience in loyalty schemes for small independent stores, right through to our town and city-wide loyalty schemes.

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