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How to do Email Marketing: A Retailers Guide – Targeting Gender-Specific Audiences

October 28th, 2020 | Gift & Loyalty, Retail News

Building customer loyalty with online email marketing

Building customer loyalty should be a core marketing objective. Retailers invest heavily in retail marketing ideas to attract customers and sometimes neglect the fact that customer loyalty and retention email campaigns can provide the best return on investment.

This series of email marketing campaign guidance blogs on how to create the best retail emails to maximise customer loyalty covers a vast area. We’ve divided it into the sections listed further down this page, and will regularly add to them. If you are a retailer wondering how to do email marketing, bookmark this page to benefit from all our email marketing ideas and find out how to produce the best retail emails.

Gender-specific email campaign targeting

Part Two:

Targeting Gender-Specific Audiences

The layout of your retail newsletter email and other online marketing is as important as the subject matter. If those who’ve signed up to your customer loyalty email campaigns can’t easily scan the content for aspects that appeal to them, your customer retention campaign will be wasted.

Did you know that men and women absorb information from marketing material slightly differently? You need to take this into account to get the best from your retail emails.

Is your retail email campaign list predominantly female?

When looking at retail emails, web, brochure or magazine pages, women are easier to sidetrack than men. This can be used to your advantage in loyalty email campaigns.

Divide your marketing email into sections. Each section should pitch a message and, ideally, invite a response. This should be easy if you’re collecting customer data using a customer loyalty card system. If your retail newsletter recipient looks at an area just because it looks nice, but it doesn’t support a sale or have a call to action, that section of your email has no return on investment.

Here are some proven retail email marketing ideas that will help you achieve this:

  • Use bright, clear layouts.
  • Use a different font to help depict important information, e.g. customer testimonials in italic bold font.
  • Use blocks of background colour to make special offers stand out.
  • Make sure any photos included in your retail marketing email pitch your sale or story.
  • Avoid using large blocks of text in retail newsletters or in any online email marketing material.
  • Large ‘download’ or ‘click-through’ buttons work well with this audience.
  • In some cases you might benefit from using an emotional appeal: e.g., you could use what’s called cause-related email marketing campaigns, in which you support a named charity.


Split emails into sections to make it clearer

“Divide your marketing email into sections. Each section should pitch a message and, ideally, invite a response.”

Is your retail email campaign audience predominantly male? 

Retail emails targeting a predominantly male audience should adopt a slightly different layout to maximise engagement. Here are some techniques that often work well:

  • Emphasise facts and figures where possible.
  • Use bullet points in your text.
  • Use rational and even technical language if appropriate.
  • Keep it short and concise.
Emails should have concise bullet points and key facts

“Emphasise facts and figures where possible. Use bullet points in your text.”

When to send out your retail email marketing campaigns

In March 2020 Audience Serv carried out a fascinating analysis which highlighted the differences between men and women regarding the timings of email marketing campaign interactions. Men and women started to check emails from 6am onwards. However, interactions by women tended to occur between noon and 2pm. Men’s interactions were more scattered throughout the working day, with peaks around 9am, noon and 5pm.

Women checked and opened more emails than men, but were less likely to click on anything or interact.

Audience Serv concluded that these results suggest that email marketing campaigns relying on a call to action are best sent in time for the lunchtime peak. If your email campaign is intended to educate a female audience and is less reliant on interactions, you should send it in time for an early evening reader.

Plan the timing of your emails

“Email marketing campaigns relying on a call to action are best sent in time for the lunchtime peak.”

Will gender-targeted email marketing campaigns make any difference to you?

Gender-targeted campaigns are used by some household brands. They have increased results by more than 10% when compared to gender-neutral campaigns promoting the same products.

This can be applied to large retail outlet email marketing. For example, Klaviyo published an analysis based on Lucchese Bootmaker’s retail marketing email campaigns. Their gender-specific retail email marketing increased results by over 30% in emails sent to likely male audiences and more than 24% in likely female audiences compared to gender-neutral campaigns.

The information you need to collect to run gender-specific retail email marketing campaigns is automatically collected by our loyalty card system. Add the uplifts of targeting retail newsletters according to gender to the cash flow benefits of having a customer loyalty card scheme, and you have a clear strategy to add to your business growth plan.

If you’d like to speak to us about your marketing, please give us a call on 020 8266 1600 or fill out the form on our Contact Us page.

Written by Lucy Wenham

Lucy is a customer loyalty expert, with experience in loyalty schemes for small independent stores, right through to our town and city-wide loyalty schemes.

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